Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Winter Blues

As we all start settling in to the fact that summer has indeed left us, and winter is breathing down our necks, lets take some preventative action to keep the winter blues at bay.
If you are anything like me, the thought of another long winter of dreary days, and dark mornings is enough to make me wish I could just go into hibernation and not wake up till the flowers start blooming in the spring!  So what to do?  The holidays keep most of us busy until after Christmas, but once January comes, it's all downhill from there.  So this year I decided to start planning ahead.  To start lining up projects, ideas, and things to look forward to long before the lights on the trees are being taken down and the reality of the long winter ahead truly sets in.  First, I have a brand new planner book for 2013.  It has special events I am planning for the store next year, along with projects I have been wanting to do this year, but just never had the time.  For example, there is a skirt I have been dying to make, with adorable stripes and ruffles, but with all the hubub this year it just didn't get done.  So instead of waiting till I "have time" I'm writing it into my calender.  We have a date... this ruffled skirt and I.  I know it seems simple, but the truth is that by the time Christmas has come and gone, and I actually have time to think about what to do, I will be lethargic, mildly depressed, and loathing winter.  And lets face it, it's hard to get motivated or inspired when you feel that way.  I'm much more likely to just snuggle under my blanket and watch another episode of "shark tank" then actually think up a project and do it.  So that's why I have to start NOW!  It's easy to get inspired now!  I can flip through magazines, thumb through quilting books, pick out fabrics, and plan out my winter happy time.  I can start looking forward each week to the projects that are awaiting me, all lined out so my "winter brain" does not have to be inspired, it simply had to put it all together!  So here is my challenge for all my friends that struggle with the winter blues.  PLAN IT NOW!  Find yourself some fun projects to do, get the supplies you need, and put a date on your calender to complete something you've "always wanted to do".  If you have trouble finding something that excites you, go to the book store and thumb through books, or go spend a few hours at the library!  Or better yet, come into Harebrained And Happy and thumb through our books and find something that lights your creative fire!
Start now!  Don't let this winter drag you down!  Go get your creative on!

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