Monday, February 25, 2013

Tanning Q&A

What is the main difference between regular tanning beds and the Vitality Tanning System?

Q:  Aren’t tanning beds bad for you?

A:  Two problems that traditional tanning beds have is the two different types of radiation that they emit.  The first one is X-rays, which are emitted by the ends of both bulbs.  X-rays of course are linked to cancer, and may contribute to studies that show higher rates of skin cancer in people that frequent tanning beds.  This occurs with any fluorescent bulb, however, the x rays can be shielded with led wrapped around the last inch of the bulb.  
The second is EMF waves emitted by the magnetic ballast used for most all of the traditional tanning beds on the market today.  These magnetic ballasts give off the humm that you hear in the tanning bed.  The EMF decreases the further you are away from the ballast, but in tanning beds one is only several inches away from the magnetic ballast.  In the Vitality Tanning system, there are no magnetic ballasts, but instead electronic one, which do not emit the EMF waves.

Q:  Doesn’t tanning or being in the sun cause skin cancer?

A:  Sunscreen contains large amounts of chemicals known to be highly carcinogenic, but medical practitioners still insist that you lather yourself in it to “protect” from skin cancer caused by the sun.  However research indicates there is more evidence that sunscreen can cause skin cancer than the sun itself.  Individuals who have been severely sunburned do have a higher risk of skin cancer, so it is important to slowly work up to higher levels of exposure from the sun, so that your body has time to assimilate the rays, and build up a base tan to prevent burning.  Also studies show that vitamin D deficiency doubles your risk of cancer.  It seems the incidents of cancer has gone up drastically as the push to stay out of the sun has continued.  

Q:  What is the difference in the light produced by regular tanning beds and the Vitality Tanning System?

A:  Most conventional tanning beds produce primarily UVA rays, and a small amount of UVB rays.  UVA rays are the rays primarily involved in the skin tanning, while UVB rays are the light rays responsible for producing vitamin D in the skin.  Doctors support that the best way for your body to absorb vitamin D is not through pill form or liquid form, but from UVB light from the sun or a safe tanning bed.
The Vitality Tanning System produces UVA, UVB, Infrared, Blue, and Red light.

Q:  What is Infrared light and what does it do?

A:  Studies have proven that infrared light brings wound healing and pain relief for scars, arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, sinusitis, tennis elbow, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel, inflammation, edema, skin care and the list goes on and on.  It is often administered to prevent scar tissue formation, inflammation and degenerative osteoarthritis.  For more info on Infrared light, please visit our facebook page and view the video posted on our wall, where an MD explains infrared in more detail.  

Q:  Blue light and what does it do?

A:  Blue light therapy is used to treat acne, eczema, and other skin disorders.  Unlike most traditional acne treatments that sit on the surface of the skin and cause irritation, blue light therapy gently penetrates below the surface to eliminate the bacteria at the source.  The blue light interacts with the bacteria causing it to self-destruct.

Q: What is Red light and what does it do?  

A:  The primary function of red light is to accelerate wound healing, stimulate collagen production, and aid in fading sunspots and hyper pigmentation.  
The bulbs in the Vitality Tanning Bed that are directly over the face and neck are exclusively blue and red light, thus not only reducing the aging that can be caused by UVA and UVB exposure, but also stimulating collagen production, thus helping reduce wrinkles, acne, and age spots.  
Red light therapy also has demonstrated effectiveness in treating rosacea and eczema, and helps maintain your skins elasticity and firmness while helping refine texture and smooth lines.
When used together, Blue and Red light can help reduce the appearance of acne scarring, and heal the existing acne lesions that have formed under the skin.  It is also used as an anti-aging and skin rejuvenation tool.

These are the main differences between traditional tanning beds, and our Vitality Tanning System.  If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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