Friday, March 8, 2013

Results I've noticed from the tanning and light bed

Several of you have been asking me for updates on any changes with my skin, or effects health wise I notice from spending time in the new vitality tanning and light bed I have down at the store, so here is a quick update on a few things I've noticed.

My skin:
Everyone is asking me how long it takes to start noticing you are actually getting tan.  Pretty much all the literature and even info for regular tanning beds say it takes about 16 tanning sessions before you really start noticing a tan.  I think I've probably done 8-10 sessions over the past two and a half weeks, and I'm starting to see the color change in my skin.  I'm only doing 8 minutes at a time, so if you are doing more I'm sure you'll see progress faster.  A few days ago I was trying on some clothes, and when I looked in the mirror I noticed my legs weren't scary white!  I'm not tan by any stretch, but noticing some good color for sure.  So don't get discouraged!  It takes a little while, but all of a sudden you'll start noticing changes pretty fast!
Other than tanning, I have noticed some other changes in my skin too.  One of the main things I have noticed is acne.  Now for general purposes tanning is really good for reducing acne, and the blue light kills bacteria, and the red light improves skin tone and collagen production.  BUT  the infrared light is a pretty powerful form of detox, and my body seems to be ridding toxins through acne.  As many of you know I'm on a protocol for lyme disease right now, and my body is flushing out a lot of crap.  So while having a little extra acne is a bit annoying, the fact that it's helping my body get rid of toxins is pretty exciting!  About 1-4 hours after I tan, I notice I have a little break out.  It clears up within a day, so it's not long lasting.  I've asked several other gals that are tanning if they have noticed the same thing, and the only one who has is a friend who has very similar health issues to me and has been VERY sick lately.  So that leads me to the detox conclusion yet again.

My Body:
As far as other effects, I've noticed it drastically helping my headaches.  I have pretty bad migraines, and figured being in the bed would make them worse, since light usually does.  But after about 7 minutes in the bed, my headache was almost gone.  This has happened several times, so I'm kind of excited about it!
Also, laying in the bed I notice just my general back and leg pain being significantly eased.  Of course it is too soon to tell about long term benefits, but short term are pretty clear to me.  The first several times I noticed no difference because I could only be in the bed for a few minutes.  You have to work up to more time, so don't expect results right away.  Once I got up to 8-10 minutes is when I started noticing the pleasant effects.  The infrared is supposed to be excellent for pain relief, and in my experience thus far it's working!
For those of you who don't know, I've struggled with severe pain for years now.  I try to hide it, so most people wouldn't know.  I am on a muscle relaxer, meds for my leg pain, nerve pain meds, and just regular pain meds when it gets too bad.  I've been in several accidents, that left me with a broken tail bone, ruptured disks in my back, among other things.  As well as multiple heath issues that cause some extensive pain.   I just mention this so you know I'm not just a happy healthy 27 year old who noticed my "little bit of achy back" is a bit better.  I've dealt with some severe pain for the past while, so I'm tickled at the results I'm seeing!

My Mood:
I have a really hard time in the winters.  I'd love to say I glide through them, but that would be lying.  Ever since we moved to Idaho from Texas about 15 years ago I've struggled.  It's hard cause I hate when people blame their bad attitudes and foul moods on the weather, but SOMETHING sure changes for me in the winter.  I cry for no apparent reason, struggle to just keep putting two feet in front of the other.  Summer and sunshine come and I feel like a different person.  Soooo... with that said, I was really hoping to notice a difference with this light bed.  For the first week and a half or so I noticed nothing at all.  No improvement.  But now that I'm up to 8-10 minutes every two or three days I am starting to noticed changes.  Little things like I can stop myself when I start to cry, whereas before the tears just came.  I'm not noticing the dark weather NEARLY as much.  When its sunny it's nice, but I don't feel like a crazy lunatic starving for light!  I don't know how to describe it other than to say I'm feeling more "settled."  Those of you that struggle in the winter know what I'm talking about.  I just feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel..(or perhaps at the back of my store) and like I can survive until summer, where usually I tell Jesse Idaho has 1 month of summer and 11 months of who cares... it's not summer.

Anyway, that's all I've noticed so far.  Too soon to see any long term effects, but that's my experience with the short term.
So, for those of you using my light bed, I'd just like to say don't get discouraged until you get up to spending more minutes in the bed.  Like I said, I didn't notice any difference at all until I got up to about 8 minutes per session.  And no, for those of you wondering, no, I don't lay in it every day.  I don't even lay in it every other day.  I'm trying to do 3 sessions a week, cause that is the recommendation for people starting out, or struggling with  health issues or seasonal issues.  So don't think it will take you twice as long as me to see any results because you can't come in all the time.

I'm super excited to hear any benefits you guys might be feeling too.  Please post your comments on the page so we can all hear what you are experiencing!  It encourages us all, and also helps me with my recommendations to people asking for info about the bed.

Hope you all have a great day!  Happy tanning!


  1. I have to say that it is probably a good sign that the tan appears slowly! So much better for your skin. I have been quite hesitant over the years to hit the tanning bed for a fear of cancer and the oh so attractive leathery skin look.
    Most if all I think the vit D is well worth the trip in.

  2. So - after a longer period of time, what do you think of the tanning bed now? Did it help over the "11 month" winter? By the way, I so understand your descriptions! It's great!