Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Looking For A Easy To Use Guide To Essential Oils?

I have been getting a lot of questions about what resources and books I recommend. I have multiple stacks of books on essential oils and aromatherapy but, sadly, would not recommend most of them for reasons that range from not being well organized and user friendly, to promoting or teaching false information or promoting unsafe use of oils. I also avoid recommending books that are brand loyal. I think a good book should be about the oils themselves, not promoting a certain company or their blends. 

That being said, there is one book that has been my go-to since I first started using essential oils. I keep thinking I will find a book I like better, but this continues to be at the top of my list. The book is   Aromatherapy For Vibrant Health And Beauty__ by Roberta Wilson. It is a very practical, well-organized book that I highly recommend. The front part of the book is an A-Z guide to individual oils, their uses, cautions, etc. The middle section, also organized alphabetically, lists various ailments and the oils and treatments that are recommended. Finally at the back, there is a guide to making your own essential oil blends for various desired results, with recipes to help guide you. 
I highly recommend this book if you want an easy reference to keep in your home. I have provided a link below for amazon where you can look at the description and reviews if you like. It is well worth the money. Like I said, I have MANY books, and this one continues to be one I grab when I want to look something up fast and not have to fumble through a poorly organized book. I have the old version, put out in 1995, but I have no doubt the new version is even better, so check it out! I don't sell it, but trusty old Amazon does! Just click the Aromatherapy PA link below and see the book there!

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  1. Maybe you will write a good book one day ;)! Thanks for the recommendation!