Monday, July 22, 2013

Sick Of Conflicting Information About Essential Oils?

In a society drenched with information, why make one more class?  When people can go online and find all the information they could ever want, why did I decide to do a class on essential oils?
Well here is the answer as simply as I can put it.
In my research over the last 15 years,  I found there is a startling hole in the information available online.
Because of the size of some of the multi-level-marketing companies, much of the information put out educating the public about essential oils is written and produced by them.  And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with companies that chose to use the multi-level-marketing framework for their business, the information they put out revolves exclusively around their own products.  Their brand, their blends, their books, etc.   The educational material put out by companies such as Young Living and DoTerra has a consistent theme to it.  And that theme is this "use our oils, and only our oils."  And while I can appreciate the fact that they are trying to make money, it makes deciphering what is promotional material and what is actual educational material quite hard, especially for those just entering the world of essential oils.  The blogs, videos, tutorials, articles, etc. put out both by the companies themselves and their large network of distributors are full of statements such as "Don't try this recipe with any other brand of oils" or "This group is for people using our brand of oils only, do not substitute any other companies oils."  or similar statements directing every reader to THEIR products and AWAY from other similar products.
I have great appreciation for the hard work these companies have put into building a name for themselves and creating an intensely loyal following.  But these statements should be viewed as what they truly are at their core - - Promotional.
I fully understand someone making it clear which brand of oils they used for a particular application, and saying that they cannot guarantee the results with other brands, but the truth is with natural substances you can't guarantee the results even with the brand you are recommending!
I am all about stressing the need for quality practices in an essential oil company, and calling attention to sub par oils and the dangers of using them.  But promoting blind brand loyalty is not something I am interested in.
So this brings me back to the original question:  Why create one more facebook page, one more blog, one more class?
My reason for doing so is that from my research it seems there are only two camps in the business of free information.  The first is the start to finish education that is put out by these large MLM companies.  The educational material they offer promotes essential oils as a solution ONLY for those interested in purchasing THEIR products.
The second is random postings on various blogs, or articles in various forums that offer education unbiased by brand loyalty, but lacking in a systematic format.
I am constantly inspired and delighted by the random articles and blog posts I find with excellent content.  But unless you have hours to spend researching, and the knowledge base already in place to know what information you need to be looking for and then are somehow able to find it and put it in the right order... you are kind of screwed.
And in my opinion this is the biggest reason that those looking into the world of essential oils are very likely to end up becoming a part of one of the Multi-Level-Marketing companies.  They offer support, and a systematic form of learning and educating yourself and others on how to use essential oils properly.  And while these companies may not offer the best value on essential oils themselves, the community and the systematic education provided is something that is invaluable and has not been duplicated elsewhere in the aromatherapy world.  And I believe the reason it has not been duplicated is simple:  These companies are making so much money on essential oils that it is easy for them to offer lots of free information, especially when that free information in generating more sales in oils.  And it is brilliant marketing really!  I mean what better way to increase your sales than to spend large amounts of time convincing all your customers, or potential customers that every other product out there on the market similar to yours is not only inferior, but dangerous!  Brilliant!  But again, it is just that... MARKETING.
So I'm the crazy gal who is attempting to change the current in the informational tide.  To put out quality, systematic free education on essential oils and how to use them without the bias or the strings that are attached when you are promoting a certain company.
Now I want to make it very clear, I am not opposed to Young Living, or DoTerra, or other Multi-Level-Marketing companies.  They have been very successful and have a huge following.  While I may disagree with some of their methods, I have no desire to argue with their success.
My desire however is to create a community that is not centered around one company or brand, or person, but one that is centered around the actual essential oils themselves and what THEY can do for us.  Now do I have certain companies that I feel have quality oils, and certain companies that I feel fall short?  Absolutely!  But the purpose of my educational material is not to promote and sell essential oils, but rather to help educate all different types of people who are using many different brands.  I hope to give you information to help you make YOUR OWN decisions on what methods YOU use, what brands YOU buy, and what information YOU share with others.
If you are currently using Young Living or DoTerra essential oils and having good success, KEEP IT UP!  If you are currently using some small company's oils that no one has ever heard of, and they are working for you, KEEP IT UP!  This group is for YOU!  All of you!  I hope the information you acquire from this group, my classes, my blogs, or other links I share will help foster an atmosphere of true learning and community, and lay down a foundation that will help you along no matter wherever your journey to health takes you!

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