Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where Do I Start? A Free Beginners Class On Essential Oils

So you are hearing cool things about essential oils.  Maybe a friend has talked to you about how they helped her complexion, or maybe you've just seen some on the shelves of your local health food store and you were intrigued.  Then maybe you got online and googled "essential oils" to see what you could learn, or perhaps looked on Pinterest to see if there was any helpful information to get you started off in the right direction.  Most likely you were hit with an enormous, overwhelming flood of information.  And not just information, but conflicting information.   One person says this company is better, someone else say that company is horrible.  One person says this is safe, another person says it is dangerous.  And it goes on and on.
And if you are anything like me, after seeing so much conflicting information you started wondering, "is it even worth all the hassle of combing through all this information?  And even if I want to, where the heck would I even start?"  You might then conclude that perhaps you don't have time right now to get into essential oils, maybe you will look into it later when you have more time.
This seven part online course is designed to give you the confidence you need to jump into using essential oils right away, and will hopefully save you from having to spend hours searching, reading, and sorting through the vast array of information online.
What you need to know when entering the world of essential oils is very important.  But almost more important is in what order you need to know it.  Learning the basics first, helps build a foundation for more advanced learning later on, and gives you a framework for future learning to fit into.
Reading more advanced articles and books on essential oil use before you have the basic foundational knowledge to build upon can be confusing rather than educational.  In the same way, debates about brands, chemistry, mixing formula's, and knowing how to properly use oils for different illnesses can seem too overwhelming as you are starting out.   But the reality is, using essential oils is so simple even children can learn to use them safely and effectively.  So don't be intimidated!  With a few basic pointers, a little foundation, and some guidance on where to start you can be using essential oils with great success in a
matter of days!

So a little about me and my background with using essential oils and why I am doing this course:
About 15 years ago I began my journey into the world of herbs.  I was fascinated by the plants themselves, how they grew, what properties they had, and how they could be used for health and beauty.  My passion grew as I cultivated hundreds of herbs both common varieties and very unique ones.  I operated out of a large greenhouse and sold starts to many nurseries within about a 100 mile radios of our farm.  I devoured every book I could get my hand on about herbs, both gardening with them, and using them medicinally, and for skin care.  I branched out into classes and courses, on wildcrafting, survival medicine, and traditional medicine.  As I became more fascinated with using herbs medicinally, branching into essential oils was a natural step.  Once I knew what the properties of each herb was, and how to use the herb medicinally, I found I had all the foundation needed to jump right into using essential oils.  Essential oils carried all the same medicinal properties as the individual herbs, just in a concentrated form, and that was very exciting!
Since then I have been blessed to work with hundreds of people developing products, educating on essential oils and natural skin care, speaking to women's groups and the cancer society, being a guest writer for various publications, working with Dr. Peter Eckhart from C.O. on the effects certain essential oils have on the hormones as well as making a line of estrogen free products for him.   Also during this time I continued my own research and education on natural skin care, herbs, and essential oils.
I am very passionate about essential oils, and proper education, especially for those who are themselves educating other people.  But in my zeal and passion I sometimes jump into my favorite subjects, (chemistry, product reviews, etc.) and forget to address the basic steps involved in getting started using essential oils!  This course is a wonderful walk back in time to the most important questions I had when I was starting out, and the answers I wished had been readily available to me.  My hope is that this series can help you avoid the mistakes I made early on, and not have to put in the hours of research I did to getting some simple questions answered.  And I hope that by the end of this course you will have the knowledge and the confidence to start using essential oils to help you, your family and pets live a happier healthier life.
I am excited for you to join me on this journey!

If you are interested in this free 7 lesson course,  please email me your name and the request for the class material, and you will receive the 7 class sessions via email each day!
You can request to be a part of this free class by emailing me at

If you are reading this blog post after the class is over, no worries!  I do a class every few weeks, so you can email me at the address above and I will put you on the list for the next class available!
All the lessons are sent to you via email, and you can read the the material at your own pace.  There is no previous knowledge required for this class.  It is a basic introduction to essential oils for beginners!

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